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A dipper in a stream, orchids in a meadow and butterflies almost anywhere. We spend much of our time looking at wildlife because of the pleasure it gives us. Some of us make notes of what we see so. This page offers some ideas about the rich opportunities available in Malvern and the surrounding areas to see wildlife. Most are open to anybody but a few places require you to be a member.

The Flashes, Upton Warren credit Wendy Carter

There are so many places to go. The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust has many great places to see wildlife. You can visit  the Malvern Hills and Commons, too. These are adminsitered by the Malvern Hills Trust. Worcester, itself,  has several wildlife sites and the County Council manages several more.  The other local wildlife trusts have many reserves you can visit. Further afield, look at Gloucestershire and Herefordshire to see what they offer. Warwickshire and Shropshire are reasonably close and their wildlife trusts have some lovely sites too. Try the National Trust’s Worcestershire and Hereforshire page or the Woodland Trust for its local sites. If you like watching birds try the the HOC’S birding sites in Herefordshire.

Many people get more out of their visit if the go with a knowledgeable person. If you have knowledgable friends to help you learn, that’s great, but if you don’t you could try one of the many organisations that will welcome you and help you learn more about nature. The Malvern Local Group of the Worcestershire wildlife trust arranges walks, talks and trips. and so does the Worcester and Malvern Local Group of the RSPB There are many commercial organisations who will be very willing to take you.

Many people record what they have seen for their own benefit and others contribute their data to science. They share their images and knowlege. You can do all of these.  The 4 W’s are the minimum you need to record. That’s Where, When, What and Who. Other information is always useful. You may need to get to grips with Ordnance Survey grid references.   

Wildlife of Worcestershire Facebook Group

Worcestershire Biological Records Centre

If you are are birdwatcher, condsider the  BTO’S Birdtrack.